What lies before is hard to see

The distance behind I’ve already been

How hard it is to peer ahead

How easy it is to see where I am

Between the certainty of the past

And the fog before my eyes

Lies holy ground

A space where I can see

The immediacy of now

After all, who’s to challenge the fog placed ahead?

Who’s to recall the road behind?

The distance in front is hard to see

Yet, here, is glory before my eyes

All distance is relative to perception

When You call everything “Here”

The mist and fog they run and hide

When You speak to them to clear

But for now, they stay

You’re molding me in this space

Shaping me into something new

So that I, yes I, can step beyond the fog

And see what’s on the other side

You come in the fog

And in this moment, You hold me within it

Feeling the cool breeze of the Spirit

Feeling the mist of redemption

Finding comfort before the unknown.

How Chester Bennington Helped Me Cope With Trauma


I have never met Chester Bennington, but like many fans, I’ve heard just about every Linkin Park song ever written. I remember my first time hearing Linkin Park. I was in high school in my freshman year and “In The End” was at the top of the music charts. The Nu Metal phenomenon was in full swing and the mix of rock, rap, and metal blasted through stereos and headphones everywhere. Continue reading “How Chester Bennington Helped Me Cope With Trauma”