Two Book Announcements 

I am in the process of writing two books to be released in digital format. They will be available on Amazon and able to be read on Amazon Kindle Cloud website if you do not own a Kindle. Prices will hover somewhere around $10.

First Book: Jesus Wept Too: Selected Scripture Reflections from an Abuse Survivor Volume I

Anticipated Release: Mid-Late July

Synopsis: Taking the concept of Liberation Theology and looking at ten passages of Scripture through the eyes and experience of an abuse survivor in order to get a bigger picture of God and the Christ who suffers and survives with us. 

Second Book: Through A Mirror Dimly: Journeying Towards My True Self

Anticipated Release: Late November- Early December

Synopsis: An Autobiography sharing my story as an abuse survivor, faith struggles, and the journey towards healing so far.

Saying “You MUST Forgive” To A Survivor Of Domestic Violence Is Wrong

Part of the survivor’s journey in recovery is coming to a place where they can do the initial work of forgiveness. It has long been suggested that this act of forgiveness is out of necessity for anyone who claims to be a Christian. That is: “You MUST forgive”. This assertion that someone MUST forgive the person who harmed them physically and emotionally through abuse is made from a misunderstanding about what forgiveness is, especially in the case of domestic violence. Continue reading Saying “You MUST Forgive” To A Survivor Of Domestic Violence Is Wrong