Basics Of Evil

Evil is such a hard topic to cover with any concrete definition. None of us will ever agree on exactly what evil is. From a Christian standpoint, evil is basically anything outside of God. If God is a perfect being, He exists outside of evil. Remember that when the story is told of Christ’s death He yells “Father, why have you forsaken me?!”. In other words, Go left Christ’s body to avoid being present in the same place as evil and death.

Atheists have their reasons for saying there is no God when it comes to evil. They all vary and range from one end of the spectrum to the other. In the end, neither I nor you know why evil is so rampant. But I do know the following constants:

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The Machine’s Operator: A Commentary on God, Faith, and The Universe

The universe is vast. The preceding statement is arguably the only factual statement we can make about the universe. The universe is seemingly without end and without confinement as far as mankind is concerned. We have dedicated untold decades and centuries to prove the existence of other life forms, solar systems, and even alternate universes. Every now and then we stumble on something, but with each discovery brings more questions than answers.

Simply put, our minds cannot set the parameters for the universe, let alone the idea of God running it. Such a notion and ideal is simply a theological hypothesis that can meet at a stalemate for both sides at best. As a believer, I do believe that God is the “master of the machine” that we call the universe. Can I prove such a fact? Absolutely not. My faith in what the Holy Bible contains is my only basis for assertion. Assertion without proof sound familiar? (Faith, for those who are out in the dark, is assertion without proof). I admit what is perceived by man to be a fallacy. Continue reading The Machine’s Operator: A Commentary on God, Faith, and The Universe

Morality Outside Of God?

Morality is the backbone of any civilized society. Different interpretations of morality exist within different cultures and religions. Consider that some cultures still find moral justification in giving women no power within their community while another sees electricity as morally wrong. Whatever the case is, these products of morality are, in turn, the works of men. Be it through tradition or religious interpretation, there seems to be no one set morality for the entire world.

Can morality exist outside of God? By all accounts it does. Worth noting; however, is that morality outside of God is fragmented, contradictory, and broken. For example, it is generally accepted that murdering another person is immoral and wrong. Yet, we produce things like the electric chair and lethal injection to take the life of one human being in exchange for the loss of another. Some would argue that if a murderer takes a life, they should be executed for such a crime. That may seem logical to you, but it is contradictory at best in conjunction with the moral standard of not killing another human being.  Continue reading Morality Outside Of God?

Can God Create A Rock He Cannot Lift?

Asking if God can create a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it is a direct challenge to His omnipotence. The argument seems to present that either way the believer answers, they must acknowledge God is neither omnipotent nor all powerful. The “challenge” is an old one that seems to lack basic understanding and reasoning.

Consider that God is the Creator of man, nature, and instinct logic. He, too, is bound by the same logic we are. For example, an atheist might present a challenge stating God could not create a triangular circle. Such a challenge is absurd. We know circles to be round and lacking sides by the laws of nature instituted by God. Logically, such a challenge is impossible. Continue reading Can God Create A Rock He Cannot Lift?

“Defining” God

The following is my post for a discussion in my Philosophy of Religion class. In particular, we are asked to define God. This was my response…

Defining God is quite possibly mankind’s greatest challenge. The idea that an essence of such magnitude is even able to be remotely fathomed by the mind of a human being is beyond absurd. The term God cannot refer to a person, a place, or a thing. There is no category in the society of mankind that could contain the vastness and uniqueness of a spiritual force that controls all things.

Referring to God by saying “my God” would be a fallacy in direct contradiction with my theistic beliefs. Consider that God, as presented in The Holy Bible is a God for all. A God who commands us to put no other thing before Him. A God who condemns false idols and false gods. The addition of “my” before the term God gives the vibe that there is more than one God. If everyone had a god to themselves, there would be nothing that makes God unique.

Theoretically, it is impossible for more than one God to exist. The vastness of God is too great to allow room for another spiritual force.

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Trials In Life


James Chapter One is a great chapter about staying true to the faith, to the Word, and to ourselves as we work on growing our lives as Christians. When we look around in the world we often become distracted from our faith. We hear and see stories about wars, tornadoes, hurt, and depression worldwide. At home, many of us are still feeling the effects of a slumped economy, getting wrapped up in the Left vs. Right politics hoping that man is capable of producing a solution to problems they have created. We find ourselves looking to one another in these times of distress. We hang on every word of the pundit, every word of the politician, and every word of man. We often find that we are quicker to question God’s work in our lives than we are to just breathe and take the trials with His help.

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Bible Study Series On Miracles: Step Out Of The Boat!!!!!!!

Symbols in Miracles
How the Miracles Jesus performed relate to Christian Living
Week Three: “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matthew 14:31)
Step Out Of The Boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 10, 2011

Reference Verse: Matthew 14:22-33.

Summary: We all know the story. The Disciples go ahead of Jesus in a boat while Jesus ascends the mountain to be by himself for a period of time. Things get rough when the disciples encounter a rough storm and notice Jesus walking on the water towards them. They think He is a ghost, but He tells them that He is Jesus and Peter tells Him to command that Peter steps out and walks towards Him on the water. Well, Jesus does so Peter steps out. Things go smooth for a few seconds. Peter keeps his eyes focused on Jesus and walks on the water. Then Peter starts to notice the wind and the waves and starts to sink. Jesus says it is because Peter has little faith and He picks Peter up and they both get into the boat where the Disciples affirm Jesus is the Son Of God.

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