“Majority” and “Bigots”: On Gay Marriage and the Denial and Slander of Differing Opinion


As expected, the Supreme Court decision effectively legalizing Gay Marriage in the United States was decided by a very divided court. This was to be expected. The court’s decision represents the division of a country still debating the legitimacy of gay marriage in light of many millenniums and traditions. Some see this as progress while others see this as an attack on religious liberty and God Himself.

Let’s take a moment to address the phrase trumpeted after the gay marriage ruling. It was ProgressVA who said that the Supreme Court decision “proved” that “Love is Love”. Naturally, this phrase became a trend that people latched onto and ran with. After all, the more legitimate arguments for benefits that stem from marriage aren’t worth the time for voices to advocate for in today’s fast paced “progressive” society.

The phrase “Love is Love” is problematic both in application and hypocrisy. Allow me to explain. If, indeed, “Love is Love”, then what is stopping society from embracing polygamy? Clearly, this is the next step. The Progressive bloggers are having a field day with Conservatives suggesting polygamy will be sought after. See here for Salon’s article on the right wing’s “meltdown”. What they have not yet acknowledged is that a Progressive blogger has already written a lengthy blog for POLITICO found here calling for the legalization of polygamy. Discussions with others have yielded quite similar results in the past twenty four hours.

However it simply does not stop there. If “Love is Love”, then why can brother and sister not marry? Why do we have age limits on marriage for that matter? Because when it comes down to it, all “love” is not Love. And we cannot expect it to be. In order for all “love” to be Love, it would require that Love is shown by those who have trumpeted the phrase in a trendy fashion or in sincere belief.

But it isn’t.

Yes, society has boasted the idea of acceptance of any and all things and a faux “love” for everything. “Do what makes you happy”, “Don’t throw stones”, “Mind your own business” and the list goes further and continues for quite some time. This “love” is not for all people though. As we have “progressed”, seats at the table of discussion have become harder to obtain if one has an opinion different from that of the vocal “majority” of society.

Notice the way I referred to the “majority”. It is not by accident. The hypocrisy of those that preach acceptance of all things comes into play here. Yes, we are to “love” and “respect” and “honor” everything and every opinion and every thought and every religion because the “majority” sees it as all being equally valid.

Talking points are great for pundits, but they really don’t carry over into application in this case.

What I mean is that these phrases have become the defining hypocrisy of a movement. Those who disagree with the decision the SCOTUS handed down are labeled as “bigots” automatically without regard for the person, their opinion, or their well-articulated reasons for their stance. The “majority” is not the only side with credential, and yet, it is quickly dismissed as “being in the way of progress” or “hateful”. Is it not possible for Love to exist in the midst of differing opinion?

This deterioration in human relationship is not by accident. Far from it. It is carefully manufactured radicalized progressivism on full display. It is a top down driven vehicle to promote a new segregation in our country based on indifference to the opinion of the “majority”.

An example of this is the blog released by Benjamin Corey yesterday. Benjamin Corey has an interesting following that cannot see the hypocrisy he presents. His issues with Conservative Christians are well documented and his hatred for them and Fundamentalism is evident by the name of his blog “Formely Fundie”. A simple Google search of his name and the word “Calvinism” find all sorts of hate filled tirades such as how Calvinism wants to make him “Gouge” his eyes out. I’m not a fan of Calvinism, but if you want to gouge your eyes out over people who read Scripture differently than you, maybe posing as a theologian isn’t for you.

Yesterday, he posted a blog mocking the Christian right wing that can be found here. He makes some interesting points within his mockery of the Christian right that do make valid cases for times in our history as a country that we have done much worse than allowing for gay marriage. His last two points are mocking jabs which is to be expected from a pop theologian. To promote this on his Facebook page, he said the following: “Moments ago the US Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is now legal nationwide. Undoubtedly, many on the right will warn that God is about to smite us for it… but here’s a few reasons why God is NOT going to freak out about this.”

This, from the same man who says he trumpets the merits of differing views. But this is to be expected when we live in an age where anyone can claim to be a great theologian even when they’re blatantly hypocritical in their presentation. It doesn’t matter.

This trickles down to the reader of his divisive piece and others like it. Is it true that SOME in the Christian right wing think God will “smite” us over the issue? Sure. Is it the majority or right wing Christians who hold this opinion? Hardly. This doesn’t matter when it comes to shock value and emotional plea however. What this statement attempts to do is both paint and slander opposing views as caricatures of actual people. In his blog, he references Pat Robertson to further paint right wing Christians as Neanderthals when most right wing Christians do not view Robertson as one of their own. Perhaps he is confused as to what the difference is between Fundamentalism and being a part of the majority Christian Right, but that still doesn’t excuse slander from a man who preachers the merits of universal love and acceptance.

I only reference Corey here to make a broader point. These are the people who influence the direction of the dialogue in society and in church settings. It is quite obvious that those on one side of the issue are said to be the “informed” and “educated” while the other side are “bigots”, “enemies”, or “idiots”.

What we are experiencing is a lack of empathy and a lack of sincere Love we have been called to exhibit towards one another. Instead of seeking to speak Truth in Love, people are increasingly promoting hatred as they trumpet their understanding of truth. This makes the “majority” opinion a caricature itself. What has happened is those who differ from the “majority” have been pushed back and told to keep quiet. When they do speak, they are quickly slandered and ridiculed or painted as something they are not before a word ever leaves their lips.

This makes the “majority” something manufactured rather than organic.

Perhaps we can take cues from some of the more commonly spread phrases regarding Christ. The one that comes to my mind more than any other is the Christ “broke bread with sinners, prostitutes, murderers, and worse”. Indeed He did. However, the implication should go both ways. Are we not to break bread with those who hold differing views?

Did Jesus not break bread with Judas knowing Judas wished for His very death?

A difference of opinion becomes an excuse rather than a roadblock.

We are a country that killed Native Americans, made Africans slaves, promoted segregation, held women back in society and still continue the latter two to some degree. This has all been in the name of creating some sort of perfect earthly utopia. The problem is that we are taking these concepts and adapting them to our concepts of the Kingdom of Christ. If Christ loved murderers, thieves, and prostitutes, does He not also love the person you slander or disagree with?

We cannot continue to replace grace, mercy, and breathing room for different views with man-made subjugation of opinion. Given, issues such as racism, sexism, and outright slander towards homosexuals or otherwise should be corrected. But even then, correction comes through education, dialogue, and Love.

The reason that the “majority” cannot be practical in the idea that “all is valid” is because it simply isn’t. And in that, we can make room for differing views to get to the Truth of the Spirit we are all searching for.

One side of the fence on the gay marriage decision says “Love Wins”.

If that’s the case, we have a long way to go in honoring and Loving one another.


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My name is Charlie Tinsley and I blog about The Bible. I post theology and have leaned towards an emphasis on domestic violence and forgiveness. I serve as Ambassador for the state of Virginia in the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. I hold a Masters of Divinity from Eastern Mennonite Seminary and Bachelors Degree in Science in Religion Summa Cum Laude with a Biblical Studies Minor from Liberty University. I have studied in the two “major fields” of theological thought. I am married and have been for several years and I currently reside in Virginia.

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