A Few Key Theological Differences Between Christianity and Islam

Profiles with Christian and Islamic symbols
Profiles with Christian and Islamic symbols

Part One: Islam

The Question of Origin – Muslims view God as the Creator of all things but consider any notion of a Trinity to be blasphemy[1]. Simply put, there is no one who is equal to God in Islam.

The Question of Identity- Allah created mankind with Adam being first and then Eve and then animals which are not to be abused, but the Quran also allows for an element of evolution which would have been guided and controlled by Allah as well[2].

The Question of Meaning/Purpose- Muslims believe the Bible was corrupted, the angel Gabriel communicated the Quran to Muhammad which made Muhammad God’s final prophet who said that the purpose of man is to recognize Allah as One and obey what the Quran teaches[3]. In this view, Christ could have not been the Son of God or divine in any way.

The Question of Morality- The Five Pillars must be followed and the Muslim must study the Quran and the Hadith and they must avoid things that are deemed forbidden[4]. Good works and correct living to strict teaching are pleasing to Allah and are the only means of salvation.

The Question of Destiny- There are two eternal states known as Paradise and Hell and doing more good works than bad gets a Muslim into Paradise which means salvation is works based[5]. There are also several levels of Hell depending upon the beliefs a Muslim holds with belief in polytheism being the worst belief of them all and this defines Christianity’s Trinity in their eyes[6].


Part Two: Contrasting Islam and Christianity

The Question of Origin – Both Christians and Muslims believe that God is the Creator of all things. Christianity teaches that God is part of a Trinity with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is wrong in the eyes of Muslims and reflects a notion of polytheism they define as Shirk[7]. The Muslim viewpoint is clearly opposing John 1:1-5 and Acts 2 where the Holy Spirit arrived at Pentecost.

The Question of Identity- God is the direct Creator of everything in Christianity and traditional Christianity teaches against evolution while Islam leaves room for evolution to have occurred. Both religions respect animal life as creations of God and Allah respectfully.

The Question of Meaning/Purpose- In Christianity, the Bible is a revelation from God to man while in Islam the Bible is said to have been corrupted. This makes the Bible the Word of God in Christianity while the Quran is the word of Allah in Islam. Christianity focuses on a relationship with Jesus while Islam focuses on doing good deeds.

The Question of Morality- In Christianity, God is the standard of morality and faith in Christ is the only way to salvation while in Islam, doing good works and adhering to their two religious texts are means of salvation and define the morality of a believer.

The Question of Destiny- Christians believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell that hinge on accepting the sacrifice of Christ for their sin while Muslims believe in Paradise and a Hell of multiple levels that hinge on how one lives their lives. In Islam, man must earn their salvation and eternal existence in Paradise while in Christianity, man is incapable of doing these works and is saved by their faith in Christ.

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