Dear Atheists: I Don’t Believe In Your god Either! (UPDATED)


Dear Atheists,

I don’t believe in your god either.

Let me clear the air before you think I’m abandoning the Christian faith.

You see, atheists have spent years upon years working to disprove a god that I also believe does not exist. From their sarcastic remarks about their god to the accusations they claim against him, I cannot help but to agree that the god they are working so hard to disprove does not exist.

I would go as far as to say this god never existed and is a product of human creation.

You see, atheists frequently equate their god to a mythical Santa Claus figure who is mixed with Aladdin’s genie and grants every wish and desire of his people’s heart. They claim this god promises a life of abundance and ease if people would just turn to him and work to disprove that. They say this god is a fairy tale, a farce, a figment of his follower’s imagination.

The truth is, he is.

The atheist is working to disprove a god that has never once existed. A god that no Christian should have an issue with denying the existence of. In fact, the entire effort to disprove a man-made fairy tale is a foolish waste of time.

Yet they try.

They claim this god is vengeful, hateful, and arrogant. This god is full of disdain for anyone that opposes him. The atheist god made man and abandoned him to their own demise.

They say this god doesn’t exist, I concur.

You see, the Christian God doesn’t grant the every wish and desire of the Christian’s heart, He does quite the opposite. The whole essence of surrender to God is total abandonment. For one to follow God, they must abandon their wants and desires and make themselves available to His.

God never once promised any Christian a life of comfort and ease. In fact, the New Testament is full of Apostles being stoned, mocked, banished, and murdered for simply believing in Jesus Christ and telling other the Good News. Paul spent his last years in a PRISON emphasizing the importance of giving one’s focus and life over to God and finding comfort in tribulation just knowing the Holy Spirit is present. The Bible is clear that anything the Christian gets beyond a six foot deep hole is a blessing.

The Christian God is not hateful, vengeful, or arrogant. Forgive the Creator of all things for desiring man’s complete attention, we do owe our existence to Him. The truth is, God is merciful and just. We are filthy and disgusting because of our sins and He was merciful enough to send His Son to die so that we may still know Him after death.

God does not hate anyone, He hates sin. When an atheist says that God hates people they are demonstrating a lack of differentiation between not approving of someone’s actions, but still loving the person who committed them. If anything, it reveals the inability of the atheist to show respect for their fellow human beings because of things they may have done or said.

I wouldn’t expect any less since they are focused on their god.

There is a great transformation that occurs when one accepts Jesus Christ. The atheist god offers no such regeneration. The Holy Spirit dwells in the heart of the Christian and gives them confidence, strength, and faith during all seasons of life. The atheist god does no such thing. Jesus intercedes on behalf of the sinner and sets them right in the eyes of God giving them a hope beyond the grave. The atheist god offers no such thing.

The atheist god is a god that wills no one to be saved. Their god has a vendetta against humanity for their disobedience. Their god loathes the world. Their god offers no afterlife, no strength during trials, no joy in the human heart, no connection to the soul.

I agree atheists, your god doesn’t exist.

Here is the honest truth. I have personally experienced transformation and change in my life that would have never been possible before I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. No one can refute it. The atheist may mark it up as brainwashing or emotional response, but I came to Christ by my own means and my own intellect. This does not make me intellectually flawed or inferior.

After all, I’m not the one trying to disprove a god that has never existed.

The Hope that comes from Christ has triumphed century after century and millennium after millennium. The grace of God has lasted since before man came to be. Meanwhile other movements come and go like the wind. The atheist may say that is because the world is naïve.

But then again, we aren’t the ones wasting time on a god that doesn’t exist.

The love and compassion showed by Jesus is something Christians struggle to demonstrate every day. If anything, it proves the gap between perfection and humanity. Atheists would have all Christians thrown in the same pot and stirred into their definition of Christianity. They forget their homes have mirrors and they are just as flawed as we are.

My favorite atheist question goes a little like this: “If God is so good, why does He allow us to suffer?”

My question to you is: “If there is no God, why do you allow others to suffer?”

The answer is the same. Maybe God is waiting on you to reach out while you are waiting on Him to do the same. You see, regardless of our beliefs we are obligated to lift up one another and reach out, it is in the core of our nature.

Yet, the atheist continues to say they are waiting on God when they say He doesn’t exist. So essentially, (according to their belief) they are waiting on nothing while doing nothing themselves.

I conclude with a reiteration of the premise and that is: I agree atheists, the god you say doesn’t exist does not exist.

Truth is, God is so much more.

UPDATE: Most of the replies to this have been positive, but some (coming largely from the atheist side) through email and Twitter have been attempts to create a straw man argument yet again to deny the facts of this blog particularly. This update will clear the air.

The most common response I have gotten is that I “do not comprehend the definition of atheist” or something to that effect. Not once in this blog has it been suggested that an atheist either believes in or worships any god. To assert such a thing is yet another example of the Straw Man Tactic. They have misrepresented this blog’s content because they cannot refute the facts, attacked their own version of the article, and trumpeted their response as a victory in the discussion.



Let me explain what this blog is saying in the simplest of terms. You will see the term “atheist god” a few times within this blog. This term simply refers to the representation of the Christian God which atheists carry into their discussions. It does not imply a religious aspect, only an aspect of purposeful misrepresentation. Think of the Dr. Seuss book: “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket”.  Atheists carry around this inaccurate version of the Christian God in their pockets and pull it out in discussion. In the same way the atheists representation of the Christian God does not exist, nor does a Wocket outside of a Caricature drawing.

The minute you change or manipulate one attribute that is unique and truthful to the Christian God, you begin representing and formulating your own version of Him.  It’s that simple. If I were to tell someone that has never seen  grass before that grass is blood red, I am not accurately representing grass and have created my own version of it. Be it for fun or assuming my audience is unaware that grass is generally green.

Think of it like this. You and I are on opposing sides in a court case.You  have been brought in to discredit me so your side of the aisle wins the case. In your testimony, You assign attributes to me that do not exist. This means you have created a false representation of me. That representation of me becomes your version of me and does not accurately represent me at all. You have created a version of me that simply does not exist, yet you attack it as if it does.

If you cannot understand in the simplest of terms what this blog exists to point out, it may be helpful to resist the urge to spin another straw man out of it to drive my point further home.


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My name is Charlie Tinsley and I blog about The Bible. I post theology and have leaned towards an emphasis on domestic violence and forgiveness. I serve as Ambassador for the state of Virginia in the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. I hold a Masters of Divinity from Eastern Mennonite Seminary and Bachelors Degree in Science in Religion Summa Cum Laude with a Biblical Studies Minor from Liberty University. I have studied in the two “major fields” of theological thought. I am married and have been for several years and I currently reside in Virginia.

6 thoughts on “Dear Atheists: I Don’t Believe In Your god Either! (UPDATED)”

  1. Charles, what an insightful post! The atheists’ tactic you point out here is one that runs powerfully through their apologetics. It’s called the strawman, in which one characterizes an argument not in its true manner, but in a much weaker form, then attacking that strawman and furiously destroying it, while claiming they destroyed the argument itself. Richard Dawkins is someone who comes to mind as a serial abuser of this logical fallacy.

    1. Clark,

      I am very familiar with the Straw Man as most Christians are. Actually, a lot of the response to this on Twitter and email have been Straw Man specifically dealing with the definition of “Atheist” itself. This is yet another example of misrepresentation which I have updated the blog to address and refute handily.

  2. On a more general note, Christians should listen carefully to what their agnostic and atheistic friends say about Christ, God and the church — and be prepared to say, “Yep, if I believed that (or had that experience) I would not be a Christian either!” Many of my agnostic/atheistic friends are running from a god that I don’t believe in and are objecting to a church that is not Christian, and so, at that level, we (my agnostic friends and I) are in agreement. Let’s not try to defend all gods!

    I agree with the main idea of this message. I would be a little uncomfortable with the tone (sort of angry or sarcastic?) I’m not sure how eager I would be to have my agnostic/atheist friends read it, since I want to keep up the conversation with them? (Just my reaction… I’m more involved in conversing with my a/a friends than confronting them … they seem to experience enough angry christians trying to tell them what to do or how to vote….)

    1. The article may read a bit sarcastic but really serves as a continuous reminder that atheists should address the Christian God specifically and ask if they do not understand. Most I encounter are quick to attack and slow to listen. I used this article to make the point that most Christians actually reject the same god as the atheists do and I feel drives the point home that when you adjust the smallest attribute of God, you have created a god of your own. An idol more specifically.

      Most of the hateful responses I get are that I don’t understand the definition of atheism simply because I pointed out a flaw in their logic.

      For example, you and I are in a court case on opposing sides. I am brought in to testify against you because I have known you my entire life. My testimony paints you in a way that gives you labels that clearly are nor you. What I have now done is create my own version of you that simply isn’t you and never was in the first place. All for the sake of looking like I am in the right.

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